Winter Chicken

Winter ChickenThis beautiful Chicken dish is subtly seasoned making it deliciously flavorful,  juicy and comforting on a cold winter night.  It is delightfully complemented by the addition of carrots glazed with balsamic pineapple preserves or orange marmalade, and peas with  bacon, pimento and pearl onions.  Add a soft, brown bakery dinner roll to make this easy to prepare meal a feast for family or a company favorite.                                                                                                Serves 6


Zest then juice
• 1 Lemon   (Set juice aside)

Cut up  (If you don’t want to cut it up yourself, ask the butcher)
• 1 Whole Roasting Chicken  (cut  breast parts in half)

Toss Chicken pieces in
•  ½ Cup all purpose flour
Seasoned with next four ingredients
•  Lemon zest
• 1 Tbsp. salt
• 2 Tsp. finely ground White Pepper
• ½ Tsp. crushed dried Tarragon

Measure and set aside to warm to room temperature
• ½ Cup Chicken Stock plus reserved lemon juicee, warmed
• ½ Cup White Wine (Sauterne, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, or Sherry, etc.)

Heat (in an ovenproof skillet) until sizzling hot
• ¼ Cup cooking oil
• Seasoned flour-coated chicken parts, (only 4 pieces at a time),
brown on all sides, removing parts, as they brown, to an aside.

After chicken has been browned and removed, add to skillet drippings
• ½ lb. sliced White Button Mushrooms
• 1 Cup White Raisins
• 1 small diced onion (white or spanish)
• ¼ Cup diced celery leaves
Sweat onion, celery leaves, white raisins and sliced mushrooms in the skillet until onion is translucent. (Add additional oil if necessary, but no more than two tablespoons)

Add Chicken pieces back to the skillet with previously measured
• Chicken stock,
• Wine and Lemon juice.

Finish cooking in 350° F oven for 25-30 minutes (until thighs and legs register 160°  on instant read thermometer)

Remove chicken parts to a warm covered dish and add
•  ½ cup sour cream (use low fat, if desired)
• 1Tblsp. Dijon mustard
to skillet remains.  Stir to combine and heat until bubbly.
Pour sauce over the chicken, garnish with a bit of lemon zest, a few white raisins.

©2012 BAPantryGourmet/BAZiegler

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