Garlic Rosemary Chicken Kabobs

Garlic Rosemary Chicken Kabobs                         Serves 12

Grilled on the barbecue, seasoned with a drift of hickory flavors from a smoke pan of hickory chips added to the fire, these chicken kabobs are a quick and easy answer to the challenge for real food for a Super Bowl Party snack or memorable dinner anytime.

Marinade bite-sized chunks of chicken breast and boneless thigh meat in an evoo/fresh garlic and rosemary paste/merlot wine combination overnight or during your prep process

Real Food for a party or for a fantastic dinner... Garlic and Rosemary make this dish  a favorite.

Real Food for a party or for a fantastic dinner… Garlic and Rosemary make this dish a favorite.

(at least an hour), refrigerated of course, while you’re soaking those skewers and hickory chips.  Cut up of zucchini, purple onion, green and red peppers and cherry tomatoes is an easy to do or do ahead chore that takes practically no time, easy to skewer, and these kabobs require a nominal cooking time. Use a thermometer to make sure chicken temps out at 165°F.

  • 5 boneless chicken half-breasts (cut into 8 bite sized pieces)
  • 6 boneless  chicken thighs (cut into 6 bite sized pieces)
  • ½ cup (extra virgin olive oil ) evoo+ more for basting kabobs at grill time
  • 2 tsps. fresh garlic, grated or crushed
  • ½  tsp. rosemary paste
  • 1 cup full bodied Merlot wine (or Malbec)
  • 6 zucchini (about 1 ½  lbs.)
  • 2 medium red onions, peeled and cut in eights
  • 2 large green peppers (cut into chunks (about 48 pcs.)
  • 2 large red peppers (cut into chunks (about 48 pcs.)
  • 2 pints cherry(or grape) tomatoes
  • Salt and fresh black pepper
  • 12 bamboo skewers (*or rosemary branches)
  • Hickory chips
  1. Put bamboo skewers and hickory chips in warm water to soak
  2. Make marinade: In a 2 cup measure combine ½ c. evoo, garlic, rosemary paste and wine. Mix well to combine. Set aside.
  3. Cut chicken into pieces, according to above directions and place in a glass bowl. Pour marinade over chicken and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate (for at least an hour up to over night).
  4. Wash and prepare vegetables (per above specifications).
  5. After chicken has marinated the proper amount of time, skewer alternately with a mix of prepared vegetables, (6 pieces of chicken per skewer + alternating veggies.
  6. Drain water from hickory chips.
  7. Brush kabobs with evoo and season with salt and pepper.
  8. Place hickory chips smoke pan on the BBQ, medium high heat.
  9. Cook kabobs over medium heat in a closed BBQ, turning twice to evenly cook. (Until chicken temps out at 165°F.) Don’t forget hickory chips smoke pan, moving it to the side if necessary to keep smoke, not flames on your skewers.

*For more rosemary flavor, use rosemary branches as skewers for kabobs.

Cutting this Garlic Rosemary Chicken Kabobs recipe in half makes this an ideal summer dinner when you’d like a light work cooking experience.  Perfectly complimented by Corn on the Cob and a bag of classic American Salad with Ranch Dressing, dinner is served.  Artisan Beer or a bottle of local Pinot Noir and icy raspberry lemonade for the children and it’s a Sunday afternoon barbecue or served on a cool fall night with thick slices of warm Sour Dough Bread and a chunk of warmed  supermarket Berry Pudding Cake will garner smiles all around your table.

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