We know you’ve noticed by now that we don’t include

all the nutritional numbers in our recipes.  We want to address that issue with you.  It is not for a lack of interest or a consideration of an unimportance that we made such a decision.  It is purposeful and in direct support of our food philosophy.

Our philosophy :  We want to eat well; we want to enjoy eating, but we do not want to be obsessed with food or food as it relates to being healthy. After many years of research and food and health experiences, our conclusions are that the best decisions are made in the state of rational thinking, not in obsessing on the “what ifs” if we don’t get it right.  It is possible to be passionate about food vs. health without being tormented by it. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, as adults, we mostly know about too much fat, salt, sugar, etc and what items in our diet are the culprits.  We mostly have a good idea of what volume makes them culprits.   It is also fact that we individually have to make the right choice to select foods that contribute to the support of our health needs and goals.   Success is achieved by taking a peaceful, common-sense approach to enjoying the food experiences of life.

Think of it this way: if you calmly and confidently present yourself to the life you see yourself living, you will adapt where ever you need to experience that life.  Likewise if you present yourself to your health goals, eating restrictions and favorite foods, you can adapt yourself to your must-haves, and your must-haves to your preferred tastes.  On the other hand, if you preoccupy yourself with all the problems associated with adapting, you will separate yourself from your goal and doom yourself to failure.

Sure, it is important to teach young people how to calculate their nutritional needs and to make comparisons in their food choices.  That starts with that commonsense calmness about these matters at home and reminders that anytime there is a food question, detailed information if available in an instant on the internet.

Don’t delay.  Start today!

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