Getting Ahead of the Daily Work

One easier way to experience keeping a healthy, functioning kitchen in spite of the extraordinarily busy lives we lead nowadays is to prepare key elements of family favorites in bulk.  Using the freezer or the “canning” process is really easier than you think and can make life so much easier for you that you’ll wonder what took you so long to readmit these processes into your activities.

Remember, you’re making the same mess to effect certain parts of one meal, so why not make it work for prepping the key part of a few extra meals down the road.  e.g.: Spaghetti Sauce, Chili, Etc.

First Suggestion:

Preparing chicken salad in bulk, withholding the dressing (mayo, yogurt, etc.) and freezing in use-sized portions works as a “prep ahead” process to make quick and easy meals.   Adding the dressing/mayonnaise etc. just before serving when turning the prep ahead ingredients into a meal keeps it fresh and delicious while making an organized immediate meal. 

Use 2 whole roasted chickens and put all the ingredients together for a basic chicken salad (except the dressing(s). Then portion the resulting ingredients into 8 – 5 cup portions. Reserve 1 portion in a medium sized bowl for immediate use, placing the remaining  portions into heavy-duty, air tight (if possible) freezer bags for storage in the freezer.   When needed,   thaw the frozen product, add the dressing(s) and finish the dish in one of the following ways suggested in 7 Ways / 7 Easy Days in this Website’s cookbook or an inventive recipe of your own.  What’s for Dinner?   YUM!  

It is so much easier to have control over the foods we eat if we have a basic plan.  That doesn’t mean we have to be so glued to that plan that we have no room for spontaneity in our menus.  We have to have a certain amount of structure to our lives and meals, else we’re in a constant state of frustration trying to get the job done.  Without a plan, we spend outside our grocery budget, we eat foods we aren’t supposed to have, we eat out when we should eat in.  However, in doing some preplanning and preparation  –  if we stay flexible, allowing ourselves to question “what else can this/these ingredients be?”, we’ll bend without breaking to the need for sudden change and we’ll keep a balance of fun in the process to temper the pressures of meal preparation in our busy lives.  It can add to the joy of eating rather than seeing it as the drudgery of a just another chore.

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