The Dreaded “D” Word – Diabetes

So much talk and twaddle takes place on public media about health issues that is purely two-faced, an attempt to cloak advertising, that the real message is being lost in translation.  It is time for professional actors with the doctoral title in front of their names to confess to being little more than hawkers of hype.

The results of all this hyperbolic blather is being seen in the rise in obesity, anxiety disorders, and yes, the dreaded “D” word, diabetes. It is one thing to encourage people to eat for good health and try to teach them the methods to do so, but quite a dishonest other thing to frighten and mislead by overstatement and a cover for advertising anything from diet aides to exercise equipment designed to lessen the girth of the wallet rather than a health benefit to people desperately needing it.

Please understand, I am not against advertising.  It is a wonderful medium that adds not only much needed information about what is available to solve our problems but offers us some of the most entertaining moments of our lives.  I am against intellectually cloaked advertising to reach and trap the most vulnerable.  …Strong opinion, perhaps, but I believe that I am not too far off the mark.  Further, I’m open to being challenged.

If your doctor, whom you fully trust, tells you that you are a diabetic, trust him/her and ask him/her to tell you what you need to do to get better, to get your life routine managed and arrest the progress of your disease.  Insist on details!

Look at every piece of information you can find on the internet about WHAT  diabetes is and what you need to do for you.  Then look at what you need to expect from that doctor you trust.  If the doc who pronounced you diabetic isn’t someone you really trust, find another and seek other help.  Ask your friends in medical jobs about doctors that they think are most competent then look online to see if those persons have any complaints filed and the value of those complaints or comments.

Don’t be sucked into the ads for all kinds of diet foods, diet medications, exercise programs and equipment, gyms ads that promise unrealistic results; don’t take seriously anything you read in magazines or hear on the media until you’ve thoroughly investigated it yourself.  Make this a game. Let’s call it, “Who is the Biggest Liar” game.  The companion game for our situation, let’s call it, “The Oscar for the best contribution to Taking Care of Self  goes to (insert your name here)” game.

The dreaded “d” word may make you utter another four letter “d”  word at first but it doesn’t have to lead to other d words like disaster, discouragement, done-with-everything-fun, depression, etc.  You are the master of your fate.  It is your job to put yourself first in caring for any illness you might have and the new words to put in front of that dreaded one is “dealing with it”.  Just don’t be “derailed” by the “doodoo” being thrown at you by pretend health professionals.  Remember the dialog from some commercial way back when, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV”.   Repeat that back to me now, “I AM NOT A DOCTOR, BUT I PLAY ONE ON TV”.  Now say, “Oh, go jump in the lake!”



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