On Going Debate: Calories? Fat? Carbs? Whatever!

No matter where we look these days,there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not we should be consuming fat calories, carbohydrate calories, fibrous calories, protein calories,  fresh/organic/raw/cooked/natural calories, whatever!  A person could loose their mind taking any of this so called information too seriously.

We sometimes don’t know what to do so we vacillate between one extreme to the other, not finding the answers we are seeking.  Balance and reasonableness along with some sense of fulfillment in whatever kind of calories we consume is the instinctive quest.

The overweight  guy in the advertisement of a few years ago was right; calories are our friend.  We just have to get a sane mindset about those calories and dedicate a portion of energy from our hectic lives to living up to that mindset.

Each of us is individual in our sensitivity to various kinds of food calories.  Certainly there are large groups of us with similar characteristics  but not all of us are the same. It seems that some individuals can consume loathsome amounts of sugar and/or fat calories without any apparent effect on their health or their physiological system while the next person can do nothing of the sort and still have critical health issues.  Still more than not, if we all find a path across the middle ground of eating and practice a health routine that includes regular exercise, we can manage nicely, enjoy reasonable health and a happy fulfilled life. Nevertheless… it ain’t necessarily so!

There are a few things we at BAPantryGourmet.com endorse, silly though they may be (as we often hear the comments regarding these items we’ll mention) but we still see some merit in them,  We’ll share our endorsements and you can have your laugh, then  judge for yourself.

1) Someone orders a 700 calorie hamburger and a diet cola.  In the background is heard, chuckles, then a comment, “Yeah, be sure to get that diet cola.  That’s a real diet priority.”

Well, for them it may be.  You can’t necessarily judge these things for another person. The burger may just be the limit of the calories they are allowed in their day and the only way they can stick to their calorie control program and still have the sensation of having something tasty to drink with those calories is that diet cola.  Sure they could order something more healthy, have more food, less fat, something more “natural” etc,  but not and still stick to the proper number calories.  So in our collective minds it was better to eat the hamburger, stick to the program than to not; thus we reason, the diet drink was the correct choice for them at that moment of time.

2) Nutrition, while it certainly has many similarities, it is not absolutely formulaically the same for every individual.  So get real, be human, and quit being the judge and jury for every living soul on the planet.  Take care of you and yours and learn the true meaning of live and let live.  YOU ARE NOT THE JUDGE AND JURY OF ALL THINGS AND AS YET, THE WORLD AT LARGE HAS NOT BEEN NOTIFIED THAT YOUR WAY IS GOD’S WAY, WHOM EVER GOD IS.  So back away, slowly, and pay close attention to what pertains to you.  Do your best on that front and let the rest rest with the owner of that situation.

3) Don’t find fault with the “food route” someone else has taken.  You don’t know all the circumstances  nor do you have all the answers.  Encourage your fellow humans to do the best they can within their circumstances and be their number one fan.  If they are wrong, they will figure it out on their own and they will fare better because they know they have your friendship, support and their back.  We all need someone to have our back!

That’s enough for today.  We certainly will have other things to say on other days, but this covers it for the beginning of a brand new wonderful year.  Realistically speaking, not capitalistically or socialistically or otherwise, we are all in this together.  Let’s be enthusiastic in our encouragement of one another, in our offers of help with ideas, formulas and brain storming to problem solve; let us let go of the criticisms of one another for a lack of perfection (an extremely subjective standard), extend ourselves in true friendship, diplomacy and technocratic answers whenever possible , accepting the human factor whenever not.

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